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I love appreciating the differences between people and seeing the positive potential this diversity brings with it. It is typical for me to take a positive perspective and thinking in possibilities rather than limitations. Still, I take concerns seriously and aim to make use of them. I turn obstacles into something positive to develop even better solutions, increase the clarity of needs, and make goals attainable.

Variety was also my motto during my studies in Konstanz and Bristol. I was determined to get a broad background; besides Industrial/Organizational Psychology I also studied Clinical and Social Psychology. Growing up with parents who run a coaching firm, I had the chance to learn people development, training design, and facilitation hands. In spite of this early experience – and because of this – I made a clear decision to get to know the corporate world from inside out after my degree. I took on roles as team member, as team leader, as well as a member of the management team. Over the years, I worked for a large variety of national and international clients.

For reasons of family planning and my love for freedom, I started my own business in 2006, focusing on leadership and personal development.
Since then, my family has grown to my husband, three kids, and a dog. This provides numerous opportunities to learn about leadership, self management, and personality development each day. Being open to trying new things, I recently agreed to my sons wish to teach me running. I practice remaining positive about my progress, while he practices to remain patient with his mum.

In contact with me, you will quickly notice that I consider our work a continuous development process. Always with a clear goal in mind, always with a strong partnership between us. You will experience an atmosphere that allows you to reflect intensively. Above all, I will make sure we can openly exchange our perspectives and allow you to playful try out new behavior patterns. Our main goal will be that you are aware of your strengths and use them with new inspiration.

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