Gesa Heiten

Hello, I am
Gesa Heiten.

I like to take a closer look at what is happening around me. My main interest is when people want to achieve something together. Strangely, often we stand more in each others’ way than really support each other. Therefore, the focus of my work is to dissipate these disturbing energies and transform them into productive forces. I am passionately committed to cooperation, to leveraging its complexity while experiencing lightness and simplicity.

Seeing clearly where others are confused has been a personal drive for me since my early working years. As a laboratory technician, as a personnel developer in a corporate group, and for almost twenty years as an independent consultant, everything that is alive and dynamic is interesting and captivating for me. Consequently, I have specialized in team facilitation, nature-oriented development methods, and the design of transitions. I can rely on a wide variety of instruments and my own experience of personal depth. Above all, I bring patience and understanding for others and possess the gift of disturbing the comfort zone to such an extent that growth becomes possible.

My personal life gives me plenty of possibilities to practice this passion for transitions and development with my two children – both are teenagers. I find peace and quiet in meditation and on my daily inspirational walks in the forest, which I also publish. After all, I am an exercise person and love sports that challenge my skillfulness and endurance again and again.

In projects and coaching sessions, you will get to know me as a free spirit who likes to view and develop complete processes. I enjoy designing support structures together with you. With respect and a positive perspective, I give you the space you need to explore. My fascination for moments of not-knowing is as helpful as my unconditional interest in your growth.

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