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If the goal is appealing, we are always ready to make the first step. This is my strong belief and this is why I stand for enthusiasm and high energy. Both are particularly helpful in hard times when we are losing sight of our direction. When coaching, I prefer a gentler approach to gain new insights. I encourage my (international) clients to seize their opportunities of change step by step at their own pace. One of the methods I especially like and use is Introvision, which is based on research from the University of Hamburg.

I am a language enthusiast and I studied philology and communication sciences at university while freelancing at a local newspaper. After that I joined the speech recognition industry as a team leader, then I did organizational development in an outdoor advertising company, later I moved on to international procurement. The years spent on both the sales and procurement side of the industry are very useful resources for my consulting work in SME and corporates.

My favourite hobby is singing in a gospel choir. Recently, I have also started hiking with a few of my friends. Last spring we took a 50km tour within 12 hours in our region. It was raining constantly and I will never forget how delicious the homemade pickles were at the food stations organized by the local people.

If we work together, two things will become apparent to you quickly: my clear style of communication, and my high level of enthusiasm. No matter what content we work on, it is very important to me that it comes to life in your own organization and that you are really motivated to apply your insights. Working with me will have a lasting effect for you, and this is what I aim for.

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