Ursula Maile

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Ursula Maile.


My strength lies in translating of scientific findings into useful learning solutions. I advise our clients in the design of sustainable and motivating learning processes. In addition, I pass on my own expertise in workshops to trainers, multipliers, and training designers.

Full of curiosity, but also full of question marks, I stood in front of a training class for the first time in 1992. Are the participants learning something or are they bored? And above all: what can I do so that they can learn? The spark was ignited in me, my goal was clear: to become a professional trainer and coach. I gave up my previous job, studied psychology and attended many further training courses. Above all, I have learned to develop good seminar and workshop designs and support trainers and learning designers in their work.

In everything I do, mindfulness is especially close to my heart. I regularly publish meditations for more self-friendliness, connectedness and quality of life. It is important to me to recharge my batteries during my own time-out in silent retreats.

When we work together, you will experience me as a creative partner and inspirer who supports you with fresh ideas. At the same time, I like to get to the bottom of things and and make sure we work from a solid foundation. My mission is clear, to support you in developing learner-focused and performance-based learning solutions.

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