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Thomas Mayer.


I am equally fascinated by the ability of people and organizations to change. That is why it was important to me to learn about many approaches to promote this. I consider myself a free spirit, so I am not bound to only one specific school of thought. From the wide range of possibilities I form my own style – pragmatic, well-founded, appreciative.

My professional views are certainly influenced by my career steps. They range from management assistance in a technology start-up, then HR responsibilities in a medium-sized company, to managing a product area in a large corporation. Based on all these experiences I founded Leading Skills in 2003.

I have kept myself quite a number of challenges in my life. It motivates me to try out and train in all kinds of sports. It is not the competition that excites me, it is the joy in new movements of the body. Relatively recently, I discovered a musical vein and got myself a ukulele, much to the dismay of my neighbors. In spite of all the activity I keep my grounding, I am very happy that I was trained in mindfulness many years ago. Before that, I would have declared anyone out of their mind who made me meditate. Today, it is an integral part of my day.

When we work together, you will experience me as an alert and attentive person. Clear goals are important to me so that we can focus our energies. I like to encourage you to approach things in a completely different way and I will be at your side if this feels unfamiliar. Above all, I would like to infect you with optimism and confidence, no matter what the challenge is.

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