Sabine Renner

Hello, I am
Sabine Renner.


I love to work at the intersection of leadership, personal development, (positive) psychology, and neuroscience. I consider it my mission to inspire and empower leaders across all levels of an organization, and to support individuals in ‘taking the lead’ and succeeding in their careers and lives.

My career path has been complex and diverse. Formerly I was an investment banker, then a Vice President of a non-profit organization in China. I transitioned to become the organizational psychologist, certified trainer and coach that I am today. I am passionate about bringing my more than 20 years of hands-on experience in business, leadership, and change-management into everything that I do.

A curious explorer at heart, I enjoy to immerse myself in foreign cultures and to experience the beauty of nature. Meditation and yoga help me to recharge and are integral parts of my life. I love to get inspired by a good read and treasure my ever-growing collection of books.

My style is focused on resources and solutions, and based on the idea of co-creation, trust, and curiosity. It is key to me to create holistic and tailored solutions with you that lead to an actionable and aligned way forward. I am your sparring partner and provide a safe space for your reflection. I will challenge you to gain new perspectives, and encourage you to fully tap into your potential.

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