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Peter Getzlaff.


In my work, I clearly consider collaboration as the driving force to turn individual efforts into great common results. How do learning and change processes contribute to this force? Which impulses shape the determining factors in the organization? As a consultant, I develop pragmatic solutions that prove to be sustainable and robust. My professional expertise, a general curiosity for new technologies and a fascination for good design seem to be helpful for this.

In the 20 years of my career, I have been able to work with organizations of all sizes, including 15 DAX-listed corporations. During that time, I have facilitated and experienced learning and change from different perspectives. As a leading Learning Designer in the production of e-learnings, in diagnostics and coaching for top talents, and in the design of complex leadership programs and change projects. What I like most is working with groups and individuals directly. And while I enjoy my autonomy as a self-employed psychologist, things get particularly exciting for me when I collaborate deeply with others.

Together with my wife and our son I live near Frankfurt. I like the nature in the immediate vicinity, I like to do sports and appreciate the close proximity of a big city with its cultural diversity. I enjoy immersing myself in new topics and learning continuously.

When we work together, you will experience me as a sparring partner who quickly establishes a trustful working connection. I am able to share my thoughts clearly and to the point, and I highly value your perspectives and thoughts. We will combine both to strong solutions, because a focus on practical results is essential to my work.

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