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Jennifer Westholt.


As a trainer and business coach, I support you in getting where you want to go. Many roads lead to Rome, it is important to choose the right one for you. My strengths lie in strategic thinking and action orientation. Therefore I work with creative, goal-oriented approaches and methods to identify the best strategy for you.

I love to take the road less travelled, to master new challenges – both professionally and personally. Sparked by my multicultural background (I am German-American), I have worked globally for international companies since 2008. Since several years, I have supported my clients in enhancing their portfolios with Blended Learning. Based on my pioneering work with online leadership programs, I have a lot of experience combining face-to-face and virtual formats in an effective and stimulating way.

Leading a non-profit organization for disadvantaged children in Nigeria is one of my biggest personal challenges, giving these children – like us – the opportunity to learn and develop themselves. Providing pragmatic help here and seeing real results is very fulfilling for me.

When we work together, one of my first questions for you will probably be “what is your goal?”. This will help you to clarify your situation and make sure that both of us can combine our strengths. My main priority is that you effectively achieve your desired results with me. That is why I motivate you with my energy as a sparring partner on your way.

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