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In my view, professional consulting and coaching are inseparably connected with curiosity and learning. Learning for, about, and with my clients is the very beginning of every one of my consultations. I am interested and fascinated both by people’s individual behavioral patterns as well as by applicable research findings. For me, bringing these scientific insights together with my clients’ resources and the potentials, defines fulfilling work. This combination allows me to successfully guide individuals and organizations in their development path and towards viable solutions.

I have learned a lot during my studies of psychology and in my subsequent job as an IT company’s management developer. As a consultant, I dug deep into the psychological patterns and coping strategies of people through qualifications in systemic counseling and transactional analysis, in hypnocoaching and in EMDR. I also hold an Executive MBA from the Kellogg Business School (Evanston, IL). All of this provides me with concepts and tools from a broad spectrum of disciplines and approaches that I can bring to use for optimal solutions for my clients.

In my free time, I am currently interested in psychoneuroimmunology. This might sound a bit dry, but the interactions of the psyche, the nervous and the immune systems are really fascinating. I also have created a passion to work on my French. One pleasant side effect of this is that I get the chance to enjoy French culture and cuisine more frequently.

In our cooperation I stand for the unconditional focus on your goals in a spirit of respect and appreciation. I approach my clients with curiosity and humor. You will notice that I like to work with a combination of many interesting questions and challenging requests, at times even directive demands. It will be my aim from the very beginning to earn your trust. This trust is the foundation for your readiness to challenge yourself and your organization, and to try out new approaches.

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