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Antje Festag.


In my work, I bring together the heart and the mind. The most important thing for me is to understand what moves people and teams, why they act the way they do. In doing so, I always keep the focus on the objective. I am highly solution-oriented and at the same time empathetic to your personality and needs.

Since 2011, I have been an independent consultant for team development processes, a coach for development-oriented people, and an assessment specialist for leadership positions. Before I started my career as a psychologist, I worked in HR consulting. In two very different companies I have promoted the development of executives, one was an international consumer goods group, the other a regional medium-sized company. There, I also gained my own management experience as a team leader. I am eager to keep learning myself, so I received further training from communication consulting to organizational constellations, Enneagram and hypno-systemic coaching.

I have travelled a lot in my life and have a great interest in different cultures and environments. I have a weak spot for Spanish, both the language and the culture. At the age of 40, I “allowed” myself a child and I love to be a mother and part of a family. I am open for many things and like to be inspired, this is my source of power and vitality.

Being in good touch with you as my client is very important for me. I listen carefully and am committed to your concerns. You will experience me as being both proactive and reliable. In addition, I like to learn more myself, broaden my horizon and try out new ways to support you even more effectively.

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