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Consulting Services

Leading the way. Taking risks. Creating change.

All of this takes both dedication and sensitivity, because little actions have effects on a large number of people in the organization. When we work for you, we help you to use these leverage effects professionally and effectively.

Our consulting services take on a whole variety of formats and include workshops, coaching, and complete programs that integrate a sequence of modules. However, more than on the mere structure of any intervention, we focus on the objective that your organization has in the current situation. Helping you grasp a clear goal that both provides guidance and energizes efforts is one of the first opportunities for you to witness our sound way of working.

The foundation of our work is the professional combination of systemic thinking and resource-focused interventions. For our clients and projects, this means that we unravel unclear connections and encourage supportive effects that could not be seen earlier. Our sensitivity to processes allows us to interrupt downward spirals and vicious circles. Instead, we emphasize perspectives of solution, mastery, and competence. You will notice this when you speak with us: we mainly focus on what is possible, instead on what is not. Still, our positive approach is realistic and challenging and avoids unclear or overly idealistic aspirations.

This way, we create interventions that respect each client and their uniqueness. Our solutions are not off-the-shelf and standardized, because every organization has its own characteristics. At the same time, we have a lot of experience so that we do not have to start from scratch for each project. This also means that we include process loops and feedback processes, but we use them as methods to encourage deeper reflection and transition, not just embellishment.

The result of all this are interventions that provide maximum impulse for development and remain as economical as possible.