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Coaching Services

In coaching, we have one fundamental mission: to expand the spectrum of options of our clients so that they can make more qualified decisions and act professionally. Therefore, our help provides clear assistance at every step of making the most of any challenging situation. No matter how specific your situation, we assist in analyzing, structuring, and optimizing it.

Our work as coaches is not centered on cases or topics, but on unique persons facing specific challenges. We are good in understanding the key points of such challenges, and that often helps our clients in seeing things clearer and feeling less stressed about them. Our experience includes working with a lot of different people from diverse backgrounds. With all of them, we show a great sensitivity and respect to their individual specificalities, preferences, and strengths.

The centerpiece of our coaching work is the client’s objective. However, sometimes at the beginning of a process, clients do not find it easy to express that clearly. We are convinced that this is completely normal, and therefore we always help clients becoming clearer in what they really want. This allows them to focus their energies and forces, and it also prevents them from spending effort that is not necessary.

Instead of staring at the problem and feeding it, we work in a systemic solution-centered framework. When a person experiences a problem, it is rarely only the person’s problem. This means that we are curious about the context, connections and the background. A broader perspective helps to weave together solutions that were hidden before, and we believe that it sometimes only takes a little effort to initiate a development to the better. In fact, our point of view is so strong that coaching clients find it contagious.

The coaching methods we apply come from a large variety of schools and are all in line with our coaching qualifications. This allows us to choose the right method for each individual client. We find it important that you as our client know at any time why we apply a specific method so that you feel comfortable with it. Our repertoire includes

  • Systemic questions
  • Social constellations
  • Structured change of perspectives
  • Imagination and projection
  • Preference profiling (e.g.,Team Management System, Insights Discovery)
  • Resource-creating interventions