Berrenrather Straße 188b, Cologne

+49 221 29191270

Our Values

We have clear professional convictions and strong beliefs that are relevant to our work. They provide us with a direction and help us focus our efforts for our clients.

Trust Is Key

For us, a trustworthy relationship is a crucial foundation for successful consulting and coaching. We therefore place an emphasis on it. By securing clear agreements, keeping our steps of work transparent, and communicating honestly. Trust needs reliability to grow.

Goals Give Direction

We believe in the strong pulling forces of a clear goal. Complications often result from objectives that are missing, nebulos, or contradictory. Listening to our clients closely, asking the right questions, and clearing up ambiguities are things we do very early on. This way we create a strong momentum.

Individual Solutions Work

We consider ourselves not just sellers of prefabricated products. What worked for one client is far from fitting another client’s situation. Thus, we invest our energy in creating customized solutions that are to the point. Doing so, we make use of our broad background of experiences and methods.

Only Action Counts

All the knowledge in the world does not help anybody if it is not acted upon. We are convinced that the best support is not amassing wisdom, but increasing the power to act in a difficult situation. We do understand that this requires both seeing possibilities as well as feeling secure enough to actually take a chance. Therefore, our work aims at both aspects.

Motivation Comes From Joy

We are confident in the quality we deliver, and therefore we enjoy our work. Even in stressful situations, joy and pleasure are stronger motivators than fear and worry. We keep our attitude as sincere as necessary, and as optimistic as possible. The best compliment to us is when clients say “I enjoy working together with Leading Skills”.