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Consultants & Coaches

Our strength comes from our setup as a network of expert consultants and coaches. Our work is solidly rooted in the insights of organizational psychology. Additionally, each of us has specializations and unique skills that complement each other. We operate as a free and strong network, and this freedom also shows in our independent way of thinking. This is also why you will encounter real personalities when you work with us. Authentic characters who are present and have an impact.

Marie-Dorothee Burandt

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them

Marie-Dorothee Burandt focused her studies on industrial/organizational psychology. Further education included courses in supervision and coaching, conflict management, communication skills, and project management techniques.

She applies her knowledge on the one hand to support processes of organizational development. On the other hand, she helps clients develop their individual careers. Marie-Dorothee has developed a special liking for project managers and project team members and enjoys working with them a lot.

Frank Busch

Problem talk creates problems, solution talk creates solutions

His academic background is history and economics; his most recent degree is an MBA from a business school in the UK. Frank Busch took a number of courses and is qualified in business coaching, TMS, project management, and Hogan Assessment.

Frank is an expert for leadership development. He has a preference for creating and using interventions that are unusual and create a high level of engagement.

Antje Festag

Learning never exhausts the mind

Antje Festag holds a degree in industrial/organizational psychology. She is also qualified for communication counseling, organizational constellation, and systemic coaching. Also, she can use the Enneagramm professionally.

Antje’s area of excellence lies in the support of teams in demanding situations, be that conflicts or phases of new alignment and change. In coaching, the main focus of her work revolves around clients in acute challenges, mainly leadership situations.

Christian Hohlweck

Our ways are created while we walk them

His studies in industrial/organizational psychology are the foundation of his work. Christian Hohlweck is also trained as systemic consultant and coach. Additionally, he has taken courses in theme-centered interaction, nonviolent communication, and wingwave-coaching.

Christian successfully applies his knowhow for the design and management of change projects and leadership development. On an individual level, he helps clients to find a good self-definition, increase their self-management skills, and to become more resilient.

Heike Hott

Power is so characteristically calm, that calmness in itself has the aspect of strength

Heike Hott studied psychology in both Germany and England and complemented this with further education in systemic consulting and coaching. She is certified for several individual assessment tools, e.g., TMS, Hogan Assessment, and MBTI. She is also a rebalancing therapist.

Heike’s main expertise is the facilitation of personality development and individual change processes. She is also an expert for the development of leaders in organizations.

Ira Kokavecz

The best way to predict the future is to create it

Ira Kokavecz holds both a degree in organizational psychology as well as an Executive MBA. She is also a certified systemic consultant and business coach.

Her expertise is to facilitate change in organizations and to help teams and individuals go through transitions. Doing so, Ira is especially proficient in the use of personnel management instruments. She also has a lot of knowledge in effective communication as a leader.

Ursula Maile

Work on making your strengths stronger, then your weaknesses become weaker

She is an industrial/organizational psychologist and trained as consultant for systemic organizational and personnel development. Additionally, she is qualified as a trainer in relaxation techniques and MBSR.

Ursula Maile is an expert for advancing self-management skills and for building helpful strategies of cooperation and communication. One of her fields of specialization is the qualification of multipliers like trainers and coaches. In all these areas she makes sure to make use of the principles of Positive Psychology and mindfulness in a creative way.

Thomas B. Mayer

You never step in the same river twice

He studied organizational psychology in Germany and the U.S.A. and put an emphasis on behavioral change, group dynamics, and leadership. Thomas B. Mayer is qualified as a change process facilitator, hypno-systemic consultant, and management coach. He is also a certified consultant for development-oriented tools like TMS and Insights Discovery.

His expertise is to create and facilitate reliable change processes. This includes organizations during times of change and transition as well as individual managers in situations of realignment and transition.

Mario Sander

Developing as a person means cultivating our strengths

Mario Sander combined music, psychology, education, and sociology for his studies and has a degree as social education worker. He finished further education as systemic organizational consultant and is certified in the TMS and CAPTain instruments.

His focus is leadership development that is linked and connected to the company strategy. Mario likes to take especially inspiring paths in his work, which is why he created the “Leadership in Art” tool. Also, he has an emphasis in team and organizational development.

Uwe Volkmer

Life is what we make it

Uwe Volkmer has a degree in psychology and received further education in systemic consulting, methods of Humanistic Psychology, and solution-focused counseling. He is also certified in TMS, Insights Discovery, and TRUST resilience.

Uwe is an expert for organizational development as well as the development of teams and individuals. Consciously paying attention to the positive and activating as many resources as possible both characterize his work when facilitation such processes.

Sonia Weidenmann

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it

Sonia Weidenmann’s academic background is in psychology and business administration. She rounded this off with a solid qualification as a trainer.

For her work, Sonia uses her knowhow to map out and design learning processes in development programs. This is where she also makes use of her knowledge about creativity an innovation. Another focus of her work is to initiate positive dynamics in groups and to facilitate conflict resolution and mediation.