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Dominic Anglano.


I am a big fan of change, both on an organizational and social level. This led me to the methods of the agile toolbox early on and allowed me to build up a wealth of experience with Scrum & Co. To develop an agile mindset with people and organizations and to support them on their way towards an agile organization is exactly the kind of challenge I need for my professional fulfillment.

My professional career began very early – parallel to school – very technically, as a software developer in various larger and smaller projects. However, I soon realized that my interest was more in the way of cooperation and in the people involved. So the first contact with agile methods did not take long. I had different roles from project manager to scrum master to executive, this way I got to know agile organizations and values from various responsibilities. Finally, I reached the point to pass on all this knowledge and experience.

In my private life I balance the professional challenges with musical activities. The piano has accompanied me since my early childhood and I have been a member of various bands and ensembles. In addition, I am often out in the fresh air or like to spend my time after work in my hammock.

In working with me, you will experience me as an obliging, attentive and humorous conversational partner. Even in critical situations I always keep a cool head and try not to lose sight of the essential. Couple this with a good portion of “can do attitude”, and you can discover ways with me that you have never seen before.

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